May the odds be ever in your favor.

I am currently, undeniably obsessed with the high-grossing film, The Hunger Games, and excuse me if I want to dump all that I feel in this blog. I just can’t express my obsession physically because some of my friends don’t share the same admiration for the movie as I have. So, I’m going to share the story here. 

I know that some don’t know the story of the best-selling trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The series includes The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay, all of which are exceedingly incredible. So, I highly suggest to everyone to read the three superb books. I tell you, it’s beyond amazing. 

I will give you a little background of what you’re about to read. If you’re interested, keep reading. If you’re not, commit a suicide. I’m kidding :DD 

The story of the Hunger Games focuses mainly on Katniss Everdeen, a sixteen-year old girl who lives in the nation of Panem, a place once known as North America. In Panem, there are originally 13 districts, but the thirteenth was obliterated because of the wars that occured before. Katniss and her family—which consists of her sister and mother—lives in District 12, the poorest among the districts. Now, the Captiol made a way to show their revenge to the people by choosing one young man and woman in each district between the ages of 12-18 to participate in the annual hunger games. They will be chosen in a public reaping, where names of the tributes will be picked. On purpose, Katniss took the place of her sister in the Games. And, that’s where her journey with Peeta Mellark, a boy in her district that was also chosen as a tribute, begins <3

So, that’s it <3 I’m extremely in love with this book, and I hope you will someday share my addiction. Hahahaha! I won’t spoil to you the stories of Catching Fire and Mockingjay, because if I do, you’d probably lack interest. 

Everyone, happy reading! Let the Hunger Games begin! 

^ (c)

Breaking Dawn <3 

I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I know that it’s awesome because of my previous experiences with its last movies. 

BREAKING DAWN, I know, is fantastic. If it wasn’t, it would’ve not earned as much as it did just for the past few days. The movie is surely awesome and I’m looking forward in watching it if I just have enough time for everything. 

Actually, I’m quite disappointed with the reviews of other “biased” people. I know that they may not like the Twilight Saga but I guess everyone has the responsibility to keep their opinions controlled. Others may want to freely express their opinions to the public but it doesn’t mean that they should be rude. 

Just to let you know, JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer are not having a fuss over the books they wrote, so I guess the fans of both books should do the same. For those of you out there who loves Harry Potter so much, I have no doubt that you do because Harry Potter is such a masterpiece of all times. I super duper love Harry Potter too, with its intimidating twists in the story and the superb casting. 

But, even though we are fans of the Harry Potter series, we should not allow ourselves to speak rude comments about Breaking Dawn, unless we can do what the director had done in Breaking Dawn and film a movie as great as that one. The videoing of the movie was a great task for any member of their team, and I truly appreciate their effort. 

I just want to let everyone know that I’m giving my honest opinion about this. I can’t just stand seeing inappropriate comments about the currently-released movie Breaking Dawn, and it made me speak up here in my blog.

It seemed that the haters who watched the movie could do exactly what the directors had to do in the movie. 

I’m not telling anyone what to do. I’m not convincing you to like both Harry Potter and Twilight series. But I’m just kindly asking for your nice opinion because any people can be hurt by the simple things you say.

Simple words can break one’s heart. 

Thanks! And btw, I love HP and Twilight. They rock |m| 

(Ayan, nagdrama queen nanaman ako. It’s just my opinion. Pagpasensyahan nyo na, andami na kasing “hate” comments ang Twilight eh. Kawawa naman. Na-notice ko na parang ang formal ng ginawa ko. Parang pang-excuse letter lang eh. HAHAHAHA but anyway, I hope wala nang magpost ng very rude comments about either of the stories) 


Oh Gosh. I don’t know when I could stop my addiction to this book! It’s just so fantastic, especially the main character, Katniss Everdeen, whose name is derived from the original flower katniss. Oh, she’s just so lovely. 

Can’t wait to watch the movie this coming 2012!!!! 





highblood na ko sayo kbye 

Nakakakilig :”“”>

Kilig to the bones nanaman ako kay Joe Brooks

Nag-start kasi yan nung nag-post yung classmate ko sa class group namin sa fb ng isang video. Superman ang title nung video by Joe Brooks daw. Eh nung time na yun ang daming kumakalat na scary videos na biglang may lalabas kaya di ko binuksan =))))) 

Tapos accidentally, na-click ko. Icclose ko na sana yung browser nang bigla ko siyang nakita dun sa video. :”“”“”“”> Grabe, crush at first sight ako HAHAHAHAHA 

Anganda pala ng boses ng gago <3 Kaya simula noon, basta si Joe Brooks ang kumanta, di na ko ngdadalawang isip na iplay yung video. WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

I’m dating him MENTALLY  

Di ko ma-explain

Parang gusto kong mag-edit ng pictures na ayaw na parang ginaganahan na parang tinatamad. 

MAGULO BA? -______________- 

k fine. whatibirrrrrrr

Anyare kanina

September 29, 2011

Excused kami kaninang hapon sa classes para sa Peer Mentoring Seminar held in the Mini Theater of our school. Hindi ko pinagsisisihan na hinayaan kong mamiss ang test sa Math para lang maka-attend ng seminar na to kasi it was so great :D

Ang galing magsalita nung speaker. Lalaki siya and superrrrrrrr sobra sobrang funny :))) HAHAHAHAHA grabe tawa ko. 

Before we started it, we played a game called Kokology. Now guys it’s not a study of kuko. It’s a Japanese game for self-discovery. All you have to do ay sagutin ang mga weird but entertaining questions na ibibigay and that will interpret what kind of personality you have. It’s really fun. May isang question dun: 

If you would kill yourself, how would you do it?

a.) Shoot yourself

b.) Overdose

c.) Jump off a building

Ang inanswer ko letter b kasi pinakamadali. Di mo na kailangan maghanap ng baril o ng building na may mataas na floor para lang mapatay ang sarili mo. O diba? 

Ang ibig sabihin pala nung quetsion na yun ay ang way ng pag-handle mo ng money. If you answered letter A, you know how to save pero sa oras na makahawak ka ng pera, lulustayin mo agad agad. If your answer’s letter b, you are a business man. You know how to save and handle money. If you answered c, lagi kang nagwawaldas ng pera sa mga nonsense things at wala kang ipon. HAHAHAHA i love it <3 businessman pala ako, akalain nyo yun. 

After that, nag-talk proper na yung speaker about Peer Mentoring. It was great pero I didn’t really listen that well. HAHAHA =)) i was sitting there like:

But seriously. His accent and diction were very good. 

after nun, may kumanta from the seniors. it was very entertaining =)) She sang like Lady Gaga and nag-doble cara din sya (What the hell is the spelling of that?=))) Okay so yun 

Ang galing nya. as in. 

4:00 natapos yung seminar. dismissal na din ng iba naming classmates kaya we’re gone with the wind na after. 


LAST DAY =))))

helloooo there! :)

I just wanna say Good morning, Good noon, Good evening, Happy Lunch or Happy recess to everyone out there. HAHAHA i’m so happy today :D

Wala kaming pasok bukas!!! |m| I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER! 

Well, excited na kasi akong mag-bukas eh Hahaha wala lang :D


Nababaliw ako sa songs ng The Script.

I totally love all their songs. Thanks to my dear friend Dinah, nalaman ko na magaganda tlga songs nila. I become addicted HAHAHAAHAHA

<3 ~ 

Fishtail braid

Naloloka ako. nakatunganga lang ako sa classmates ko na magagaling mag-braid. Like, how the hell do you do that shit? =)))) HAHAHAHA loveyou classmates! 

pero, seriously. PAANO?


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